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Development focus

The development direction of this department is to take green energy materials as the core, and to develop green energy integration systems. In order to give students the core competencies and basic literacy they should have:

1. Possess the basic ability of professional knowledge of materials science and energy engineering.
2. Possess the ability to operate, analyze data and summarize.
3. Ability to write, present and publish professional reports.
4. Cultivate the ability to identify and solve problems.
5. Implement workplace ethics, attach importance to intellectual property rights and have humanistic qualities.
6. Possess the ability of public service, lifelong learning and internationalization.

The department is the key development department of industry-academia research at the school. The development focus of the research institute is to "cultivate all-round high-quality green energy
And professionals with advanced functional material process and analysis capabilities" as the development goal. And with "thin film/nano technology as the core of academic research,
Strengthening students' operational ability of material analysis and vacuum process practice, as well as the integration of sustainable energy technology" as the development characteristics, the development direction will be green
energy materials, nano-films, optoelectronic semiconductors and clean energy materials, such as: thin-film solar technology, vertical axis wind power generation technology,
fuel cell technology, etc.