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The History

The history of this department
The Department was approved by the Ministry of Education to establish a research institute in the 1992 academic year. Its evolution is as follows:

In the 1992 academic year, the "Applied Science and Technology Research Institute" master class was established
In the academic year of 1993, the name was changed to "Institute of Materials and Systems Engineering" for the master class
"Department of Materials Science and Engineering" was established in the academic year of 1994
In the 1997 academic year, the Ministry of Education agreed to merge the departments into the "Department of Materials Science and Engineering" for bachelor's and master's classes
In the 103 academic year, "Department of Materials Science and Engineering" and "Department of Optoelectronics and Energy Engineering" were merged into "Department of Materials and Energy Engineering (including Master's Program)"

Established purpose
The development focus of the Department of Materials and Energy Engineering of Mingdao University is "thin film technology, solar technology development, energy photovoltaic technology (such as solar photovoltaic, photovoltaic display and energy-saving lighting design, etc.) and green energy technology (such as photovoltaic hydrogen energy, fuel cell, energy-saving technology, etc.) , wind power generation, etc.)”, to cultivate practical talents with energy and optoelectronic components design, production and system integration, and to meet the needs of optoelectronic and green energy industry talents. Guide the development of cutting-edge science and technology, cooperate with the development of the optoelectronic industry in accordance with the national science and technology policy, solve the crisis of energy depletion, and cultivate professionals in green materials and energy technology-related industries.

The current situation of the department
At present, the master class of the department enrolls 10 postgraduates every year, and the university department enrolls a total of 25 students every year, and the total number of students is 120; there are 9 full-time teachers, all of whom have doctoral degrees, including 2 professors, 2 associate professors, assistants 5 professors.