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University Department Curriculum Structure
The educational goal of the department is to take students as the main body, and the curriculum content is arranged under the guidance of the standardized educational goals of the department to cultivate students with good professional ability and employability. In the area of ​​professional competence, the teaching characteristics of the department are mainly based on practicality, and the curriculum planning also widely includes stakeholders such as off-campus scholars and experts, alumni representatives, industry representatives, and parents of students. It is completed with the opinions of stakeholders, etc., in order to cultivate students' solid employment professional strength. In the part of employability, in addition to arranging general academic courses, through corporate visits, industry scholars and experts seminars, and graduation practice projects, students can learn and verify what they have learned in class through practical methods, so as to cultivate and guide students to become a professional A professional outstanding thin film process and optoelectronic R&D talents or green energy technology professionals.
The teaching method emphasizes theoretical explanations, group exercises, mutual observation, repeated exercises, etc., in order to increase practical training and opportunities, cultivate students' proficiency in professional knowledge and practical skills, so as to enhance students' future employability and entrepreneurial ability, to achieve The purpose of learning and using fit. At the same time, the department encourages students to participate in off-campus competitions, and compares and observes the practical knowledge and skills acquired by students through competitions to stimulate students' learning motivation and research creative potential.

Master's Course Structure
Under the framework of three research centers, namely Surface Engineering Research Center, Solar Photovoltaic Research Center, and Energy Research Center, the Department strives to develop "Functional Thin Film Process and R&D" and "Energy Technology Integration and Application". Characteristic teaching, including through corporate visits, lectures by experts and scholars, and participating in various competitions related to materials science and energy technology inside and outside the school, so that students can fully learn valuable professional knowledge and abilities to meet the needs of enterprises. Materials technology Professional talent-oriented, creating unique characteristics and added value for each student before graduation.