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University Ministry Educational Objectives 
1. Knowledge transfer: develop (professor) students the basic theory and engineering practice of materials science and energy technology.
2. Technical training: To cultivate students' practical ability in material process, energy system integration and analysis.
3. Problem Solving: Use all-round thinking and innovation to develop students' ability to analyze, integrate and solve problems.
4. Teamwork: Establish workplace ethics, communicate effectively, and have the attitude and coordination ability of responsibility and team spirit.
5. International perspective: Encourage students to go international, absorb new knowledge and strengthen foreign language skills to become global professionals.

University Department Core Competencies
1. Basic competencies with specialized knowledge in materials science and energy engineering.

2. Possess the ability to operate, analyze data and summarize.
3. Ability to write, present and publish professional reports.
4. Develop the ability to identify and solve problems.
5. Implement workplace ethics, attach importance to intellectual property rights and have humanistic qualities.
6. Possess the ability of public service, lifelong learning and internationalization.